5 best beauty tips for brexit beauties

5 Best Beauty Tips for Brexit Beauties

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5 Best Beauty Tips for Brexit Beauties


In addition to the traditional British staples like fish-and-chips and tea, there’s nothing more quintessentially British than a lady who knows how to make an entrance. As you’re gearing up to celebrate this historic occasion (or morn it!) with your loved ones, here are some budget friendly beauty tips to help you embrace your inner Brexit beauty.

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When it comes to beauty, we all want the same thing: a fresh-faced glow that won’t make us look like a doll, a clear complexion that doesn’t have us avoiding mirrors for days, and a pout that doesn’t have us feeling self-conscious about our kisses.

And we don’t want to pay too much for these things! That’s where I come in: I’m here to help you look your best, so you can go about your day looking like the Queen(or King God bless old Lizzie) of England.


British Beauty on a Budget:


Budget beauty is all about routine—having a schedule and sticking to it. You’ll find what works for your face and body, and then it’ll just be a matter of keeping up with it. Here are some tips:


Remember British skin has been through a lot lately. The beauty world has rallied to put products in our hands to help make it look great, but if you’re anything like me, it’s hard to know where to start.

With the recent Brexit vote and subsequent drop in the value of the pound, we’re all feeling the pinch more than ever—money that would have gone into new products is going toward travel expenses and ever increasing heating bills with little to spare for gifts for ourselves or loved ones.

So how can we get a little bit of luxury in our lives while we watch our budgets? Here are my best tips for finding products that celebrate all things British while sticking within a budget.


After Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (EU – Brexit, Britain), it’s no surprise that the country is feeling a little gloomy about what Brexit could mean for its economy and international relations.

No one wants to be reminded of their bad decision when they look in the mirror, but fortunately, there are beauty tips that can help beautify you while celebrating all things British with British sourced ingredients. Trade in your usual moisturisers and serums for ones made with rosewater, echinacea, and thyme.

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Replace your standard foundation with some lightweight BB cream made with shea butter, mango seeds, and cocoa powder. If you’re going to wear bright lipstick or gloss this summer, pick one that will show off the country’s patriotic colours: reds and blues!

And instead of requiring you to spend big bucks on a trip overseas, some of the best beauty tips are ones you can follow from the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of simple DIY projects you can do at home like making your own lip balm or facial mask out of natural ingredients like honey, brown sugar, and oats.

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Why not try upping your local-sourcing game. For example, you can use British honey as a natural exfoliant or to hydrate dry skin. Take advantage of Britain’s long tradition of brewing and distilling by trying out some berry-based face masks and hair treatments. You could also use British honey as a natural exfoliant or to hydrate dry skin.


Perhaps the number one (or should that be zero!) beauty tip ANYONE can do pre, or post Brexit is to adequately protect yourself from the sun, you can do that by wearing sunscreen every day on your face, neck, hands and arms.

It helps protect against fine lines and wrinkles (not to mention skin cancer) as well as keeping your skin looking even-toned and glowing. You don’t need expensive brands—the only thing that matters is how high the SPF number is.

If you’re really feeling like an extra treat, though, there are plenty of British-made products available at Boots (a popular British drugstore). The Boots Botanics brand has SPF 15 moisturiser specifically formulated for sensitive skin at just £1.69, or £2.99 for SPF 30 protection. That said here are our 5 top brexit beauty tips:


Top 5 Brexit Beauty Tips: Our Ultimate Tips for Beauty


  1. When buying hair products, look at the ingredients. Hair mousse from the UK will still be on sale even after Brexit has come and gone.


  1. I mean really check the label: Also remember when shampooing your hair, never rub it between your hands as this will damage your strands. Instead, use a good conditioner British made conditioner (like those at https://handmadenaturals.co.uk) as a detangler first, then apply your shampoo directly to your scalp only.

Many supermarket hair products will also be manufactured in the UK, so remember to check that bottle if you want to support British business in a post Brexit world!

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  1. Go loco for local: If you’re looking for a way to combat wrinkles without breaking the bank or leaving the country for plastic surgery, there are plenty of home remedies that can help you out! Mix together equal parts of honey and coconut oil along with a few drops of rosemary oil and massage into your face before bed. The oils will nourish your skin while the honey will act as an anti-inflammatory


  1.   Try the latest trends: If you want to follow the newest trends but don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it, check out Pinterest for inspiration on how to do your own makeup or hair. For example, by creating the “rose petal” look with rose coloured lipstick and a rose gold eyeshadow. This can be done by using products from your local drug store and doing your makeup at home!


The “rose petal” look is a trend that’s currently popular in Japan and South Korea, but is gaining popularity in the UK too, plus it’s getting a lot of attention from international beauty brands looking to replicate it.

One of the main components is a rose gold eyeshadow, which is created by mixing copper and gold pigments. The key is to create an eyeshadow that has a pink-ish hue streaked through it, as opposed to one that is richly golden all over.

The lipstick needed for this look is rose coloured, and it’s typically applied with a very heavy hand for a bold effect. The rose petal look was originally meant to be used with light eyeshadows and darker lipstick or nail polish against very pale skin, but you can use the same idea to create a more subdued “rose petal” look if you’re working with different colouring.


When it comes to creating that warm, rose petal look for your lips, one of the most important factors is colour matching. Rose coloured lipsticks and glosses come in a variety of shades, but when it comes to pulling off the vintage pink-shaded mouth look, you’re going to want something that’s more pastel than fuchsia.

While pinks are often associated with youthful innocence, they can seem out of place in a retro setting—especially if you’re trying to recreate a 1940s look. What you need is something like the Rosy Lipstick from natural beauty brand, Purely Cosmetics (UK made).

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If you want to get the same effect on your eyes while also giving them a bit of extra definition and emphasis, choose an eyeshadow in a rose gold colour—like the Diamond Dust Eyeshadow from It’s So Big (UK made).

This will help bring out your eyes while also providing some light contrast with your lovely pale pink lips. To really complete the look, apply some rose coloured gloss on top for extra shine and dimension—like the Rose Gloss from Fresh Cosmetics (UK made).

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  1. If you’re looking for the best natural face masks, you should buy British! Brits have been using natural ingredients for centuries to keep their skin moist and healthy, and it shows.

The British Isles are rich in nutrients that are known to improve skin quality, such as selenium, which reduces acne and improves elasticity and hydration; sea buckthorn oil, rich in Omega-7 fatty acids that hydrate the skin; and green tea extract, which has antioxidants that fight free radicals (which cause cell damage) and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Brexit Bargain Face Masks


With so many great choices of face masks to choose from, it can be hard to figure out where to start. That’s why we’ve narrowed down some of the best post Brexit British-made face masks for you. Here are our top three picks:


Our number 1 pick: Vitamin C Brightening Mask From Environ, This is a two-part system that works together to help your skin stay firm, smooth, and bright. It contains vitamin C and E, which work together to prevent wrinkles by increasing the elasticity of the skin; vitamin A, for improved radiance; and algae extract, which helps smooth away fine lines.


Our number 2 pick: Fresh Face: Fresh Face products are designed for those with normal or oily skin. Their main ingredients are fruit enzymes, which gently exfoliate the skin and restore its natural balance. The most well known product in this category is Mask of Magnaminty.

This face mask contains peppermint oil for deep cleansing and lime juice for brightening effects. It stimulates blood flow to provide fresh oxygen to the skin and leave it feeling rejuvenated.


Our number 3 pick: Cosmetics: Lush Cosmetics’ main goal is to keep cosmetics as natural as possible while still being effective in their purpose. They do this by using natural ingredients like organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds instead of synthetic chemicals found in most makeup products. Lipsticks (such as Rose Jam), blushes (such as Pink) and many more.


Brexit Beauty – A Final Word to the Wise!

Remember, beauty is a word that conjures up an image of a model in a glossy magazine or of a celebrity in a designer dress. But the word beauty itself comes from the Old French word beaute, meaning “worship”, “honour”, or “praise”. Beauty is an external thing, but it can only be appreciated when one has an understanding of what lies within.

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