Naturals skin care 5+ reasons natural & home made is best

The main reasons to use naturals skin care products:

For those unfamiliar with the concept, naturals skin care products are those that are derived from natural and organic living organisms. It means nothing has been highly processed in the lab, and nothing has many letters and numbers to its name.

Natural skin care products are made from minerals, mud, oils, plants and food. As a result, they are often less chewy and much more filling. And they are extremely effective in helping you maintain better skin. This is one of our top beauty tips.

1 Naturals skin care and organic products are good for the environment:

A lot of non-organic makeup and other cosmetic items you’re used to are actually not good for Environment. Creating non-biological products requires factories that produce toxic fumes and gases. They tend to include compounds like petroleum, aluminium, and lead, many of which require extraction and don’t do particularly well when left in landfills. Natural products like naturals skin care products avoid this pitfall through responsible and ethical sourcing.

In particular, aluminium mining is a very dangerous and irreversible business, which has long been known to cause cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Many other harmful substances will also find their way into the ecosystem through other means. In addition to the fact that this is bad for workers, it can also be difficult for the environment, which is already depleting its natural resources.

It’s not an industry you have to support! In contrast, organic products use ingredients from natural farming and organic gardening. These are products created by working with earth, and unsurprisingly, they are extremely good for the planet. And don’t make us start testing on animals.

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2 Naturals skin care products do not include harsh chemicals

What will initially attract most people to organic makeup and skincare is the freedom it gives them from harsh chemicals. These products contain many potentially harmful ingredients, including parabens and phthalates. They have been linked to cancer and type 2 diabetes, among other problems.

Even if that’s not the case, the unnatural fragrances and binders used can often cause a range of skin reactions, leading to rashes and other problems. Not enough for you? Here are some other ingredients added to our sunscreens, moisturizers, and concealers:

Lead: Lead has been dropped from school pencils due to the many health concerns surrounding it and its high potential for being a carcinogen. Despite this, lead is still used in large quantities in a number of different makeup applications. Natural products like naturals skin care products also avoid this pitfall through responsible and ethical sourcing.

Perfume: Perfume is not just a product but a term that covers many different products. They are designed to add fragrance to our skin care products (because it matters?) as well as things like fabric softeners. They can cause a range of problems from skin rashes and headaches to dizziness and skin discoloration.

It’s true, the company that manufactures products aimed at improving your skin actively adds ingredients that can damage tone and create breakouts. So it will smell good. Search for! Aluminium: There’s nothing wrong with aluminium in principle, it’s when you put it on your skin that it matters!

Organic skin care beauty tips picture

Aluminium is found specifically in antiperspirants, but can also be found elsewhere. This has oestrogen-like effects, which can damage your hormonal balance, leading to loss of muscle mass, depression, and more. Oestrogen compounds: Speaking of which, there are actually a lot of oestrogenic compounds in makeup and skin products.

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Their elimination through the sewer system actually caused a significant drop in average testosterone levels in men. The thing to know before trying to use these products is that your skin will absorb whatever you put on. This means that these components will eventually end up in blood circulation and this is where the most serious problems come from.

Dangerous chemicals used in ordinary shampoo It’s not just your makeup and skin care products that contain these pollutants and toxins! Think shampoo… Walking with harsh chemicals in your hair is not – unsurprisingly – particularly good for you. This means you will absorb these chemicals through your skin and inhale the vapours.

Of course, the risk involved depends on the product you have chosen, but the question you need to ask yourself is: do you trust the manufacturers who have done their research? One thing we do know is that many shampoos and conditions actually contain synthetic oestrogenic compounds. Natural products like naturals skin care products don’t have synthetic chemicals and are often less reactive and more hypoallergenic.

As mentioned, they act like real oestrogen and can actually prevents the body from producing the proper amount of testosterone. Low testosterone is indeed an epidemic in men today and is often thought to be one of the reasons why. If you use synthetic shampoo, it can contributes to low mood, lack of energy, weight gain and even potentially infertility!

So many good reasons to switch to organic shampoo. Then there are the added benefits you get from choosing one of the best organic conditioner options.
For starters, you’ll be providing your scalp and hair with more natural oils and nutrients, such as to support overall better health. You’ll also get yourself a nicer natural scent and you can even benefit from buying much cheaper products in many cases!

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3 Naturals skin care and organic products are fun and personal

As if all that wasn’t enough, natural makeup is fun and very rewarding. Imagine this conversation: “Beautiful Son!” “Thanks, I did it myself!” How would that be worth doing? And when you tell them it’s homemade organic lipstick, it’s sure to lead to a great conversation.

Naturals skin care image 2

When you create your own organic makeup, you can create your perfect shade, feel and tone. Plus, you know it’s going to have a really subtle, natural colour because it’s made with really subtle, natural ingredients. We actually learned our idea of ​​what is “beautiful” from our time in the wild when we were growing.

So if you look more natural you will automatically look better…

4. Naturals skin care products are very affordable

With so many good reasons to switch to organic production, you’re probably wondering what the catch is. must be the price, right? No! Price is probably the best feature. Many organic products can be created as easily as mixing certain items in your cupboard.

This means that there is no need to go to the supermarket and you can start enjoying it right away. Not only that, it will save you a lot of money. Even if you decide to buy organic products, instead of producing them, they are still cheaper than synthetic alternatives! There’s really no reason not to trade. Organic and nature focused brands like naturals skin care products all started from these humble but ethical beginnings.

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