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Have you ever wanted to learn how to do your own tips or how to do acrylic nails step by step with all the hidden tips and secrets?

We have the answers straight from our nail technician courses, but we also have beauty tips straight from our library of nail courses and in-person or online tutorials.

Be prepared to be bedazzled - wow yes I went there! Please note: applying acrylic tips to unhealthy nails should be avoided; instead, wait until your nails are healed before following the tips below.


Step 1: Gather your supplies, which could include an acrylic kit or; acrylic nail tips and glue, clippers, and files (180 and higher grits are preferred to avoid clumping). Acrylic liquid and powder are blended together (avoid MMA, it’s dangerous).

For mixing, use a size 12 acrylic tub. Consider a practice finger, or visit our nail courses and nail technician courses at beauty tips to learn more or to locate the best nail courses near me.

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Step 2: It's time to begin your how to do acrylic nails journey, so get rid of any old nail polish and muck that could cause lifting and aren't good for your nail health.

Remember Beauty Tips are us so listen carefully! You MUST soak old acrylic or gelatin nails in an acetone-based nail polish remover to make things super easy.

Step 3: Clip your nails to prevent extra thickness, which can lead to early lifting or easily broken nails.

It just takes a few millimeters of extra length to secure your new acrylic nails.

Step 4: Gently buff your nails with a nail block until they are smooth; this will help avoid early lifting and extend the shelf-life of your acrylics.

Step 5: The next step in how to do acrylic nails is to gently force your cuticles out of the way with a wooden cuticle pusher; try not to get your new tips stuck to your cuticles!

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Step 6: Apply acetone to your nails with a lint-free paper towel, then apply a nail primer, being careful not to get any on your face.

Step 7: First, add the nail glue and press for 4-5 seconds to allow it to set. Repeat for the rest of the nails...

Attach the appropriate size beauty tips to all of your nails and carefully cut any extra length.

Step 8: Visit beauty tips to learn how to do acrylic nails flawlessly step by step. Great tips every time, thanks to our nail technician courses.

The acrylics must then be mixed. It's critical that you do this in a well-ventilated area, and that you pour the liquid into an acrylic dish before adding the powder to a separate dish.

Fill your acrylic brush halfway with acrylic powder. Dip the brush in the tub, press down, and keep the brush from bubbling.

On the brush, you only want a small droplet. Wipe away any excess with paper towels.

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Step 9: Smooth a gentle transition between your natural nail and the beauty tips by flattening the acrylic drop over the smile line.

Taking a second droplet, position it near your cuticle and spread it out with the brush in tiny circular motions. Between each stroke, wipe your brush.

Using short single strokes following the same path. Less is better in this case. Remember to keep a few millimeters away from your cuticles. Allow 10 to 12 minutes for the acrylic to dry.

Step 10: Apply a course file, such as 180 grit, to the nails, brush off any excess polish, and then erase the marks from the 180 grit with a 240 grit filing tool.

For a fine finish, use a file with a very high grit, such as 1000-4000 grit.

You're now able to add your colours! Remember to use level strokes and, of course, infill your tips every few weeks to keep them looking good.

ALWAYS wash your tools between uses and disinfect to keep your nails clean and healthy.

....Whether you're looking for a nail course or nail technician courses near me, local beauty courses, or just beauty tips.

We have all the information you'll need to succeed in your new career and passion and to develop the skills to learn how to do acrylic nails step by step perfectly each time.

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