Nail technician courses UK, the 5 best nail courses near me?

Nail technician courses UK, the 5 best nail courses near me?

1. Nail Technician Expert Course – Superstar ‘Nail Technician Courses Near Me’ – Udemy

Although technically not ‘nail technician courses near me’ as it is online ‘, but hence everywhere’ this is a comprehensive beginner course and has all the details you need to become skilled in nail application. After analysing the course and putting the material into practice, you will be amazed at the great designs it teaches.

With your ability to create unique designs, it is definitely easy for you to impress. The downside of this course is it is not ABT accredited and has few additional benefits other than the course content.

You also only get a certificate of completion and will struggle to get insurance without the vaulted ABT (Association of Beauty Therapists) accreditation. It does represent value for money though as an introduction to the field.

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2. Nail Technician Course from International Open Academy

Do you want to know how to care for and decorate your nails? Well, now you can learn all that and much more with these online courses for nail technicians from the International Open Academy.

With this comprehensive and comprehensive nail technician course, you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need to start nail care.

First, your consultant will help you understand the different skin types and find the best products for your skin. Additionally, your mentor will describe any nail problems you may encounter and provide practical tips on how to fix them in this course.

This course is accredited however, it is only by the International Council for Online Educational Standards and gaining industry specific insurance will be a problem upon graduation.

3. Certification as a Nail Artist Future in Nails & Beauty

The next offering when looking for nail technician courses near me is from Future in Beauty which offers a selection of 3 and 1 day courses. At the time of writing they don’t do a fully featured blended learning option, they have good reviews, however they don’t offer as many free course options as some providers.

4. The Nail Technician Company Nail Technician Courses Near Me

The next of the nail technician courses near me is the Nail Technician Company

Do you want to run a home nail business? Would you like to try something that suits your family and lifestyle? Well, if the answer is yes, now you can have both. Register for this in-person nail technique course near me and you will get an accredited qualification. This course enables you to be your own boss and work flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.

The downside of this course is that there are few additional benefits other than the course itself, it takes multiple full days to complete but from our experience, and yes we sent someone under cover on one of their courses, is that they offer little personal help for an in-person course and everything feels very rushed. There are again no free offers with this course

5. Nail Technician Courses near me by Beauty Tips Nail & Beauty Courses

The next in our list of nail technician courses near me, is Beauty Tips own offering. This ABT accredited nail course at only £340 is one of the cheapest courses available that offers in-person practical skills assessment and is available in a variety of areas, witha recent expansion.

Beauty Tips nail technician courses are comprehensive and involve online tutorials followed by a practical assessment ONLY WHEN YOU FEEL CONFIDENT, no false or rushed time-tables.

Perfect for students who love doing their own nails, this advanced nail technician course also comes with a free complete online beauty course and free therapy courses of your choosing (All separately internationally accredited with IPHM and RMATH, which also offers insurance options).

This course is also highly rated in google. No other course offers you over £1500 of courses for just £340, you could qualify professionally in multiple beauty and holistic therapies and design your personalised offering to clients, be a nail technician and beauty therapist, be a nail technician and nutritional counselor, or massage therapist, the choice is yours and the world is your oyster.


“Think big, think more, be more, the future isn’t just in your eyes, but in your dreams” – Beauty Tips

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