Just done an online course loved it.

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Estelle Scruggs

ABT Graduate

I took part in an nail workshop after I was invited by a friend. The workshop was good, I left knowing more than I went in, which was kind of the point, great tutor

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Kate Glynis

ABT Student

Great tutor, great course loved it

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Jennie Stuart

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3 Simple Steps - Pay in Installments:

Step 1 : Book your course
Step 2 : Complete all theory and home practice (purchase kit optional )
Step 3: Once all completed and you feel ready and confident, then book onto the 1 day in person practical assessment

Certificates upon completion will be posted out so please ensure all contact details / emails are correct at the time of purchase.

*We are now Available in all UK Regions Contact us for DetailI

Nail Technician Courses Near Me & Online, With FREE Beauty Courses - By Beauty Tips *ABT Nail Courses Near Me

The Only Nail Technician Courses *or Nail courses with FREE Beauty Courses Online AND Near Me


Learn the top techniques with our 'nail technician courses near me'.

Discover the Beauty Tips you need to succeed in our top nail technician courses whilst taking an assessment at a 'nail courses near me' center & get FREE accredited level 3-5 benchmarked therapy & beauty courses you can complete in your own time online.

Learn advanced Beauty Tips and tricks from the best instructors in the UK.

Don't settle for second best, invest in your future TODAY

Featured Course

The Ultimate ABT Nail Technician Courses & Nail Courses ✓

The best in-person face-to-face interactive nail technician courses near me AND online fully accredited professional nail technician courses & qualifications; work in salons or for yourself. Don't just learn excel. Free anytime easy access refreshers and all the beauty tips from your nail courses along with FREE IPHM accredited therapy & beauty courses, stay on top of your game.

  • Nail & Essential Anatomy

  • Manicure & Pedicure

  • BONUS FREE online internationally accredited beauty course + 2 other courses

  • FREE accreditation no hidden fees

  • FREE in-person kit tools & materials

  • FREE certificate

  • Acrylic & Gel Theory

  • Perfect Polish

  • Bead Pickup

  • Tip Application

  • Extensions (Acrylic)

  • Nail Art Basic & Advanced

  • Acrylic Sculpture

Advanced Tutorial Prep Videos
Get ready for your practical session and assesment by unqiue advanced nail technician course and beauty course video content that gets your ready, no dropping you into class unprepared ☑
  • Beginner Friendly & Experienced Alike

In Person Practical ASSessment
In-Person Learn Advanced Practical Skills, Beauty Tips and other techniques you've seen in the videos, discover our masterclass performance and qualify with ABT assured accreditation ☑
  • Standout from the Competition

Free Refresher Sessions
Refresh Your Skills with nail course video content available to students anytime post graduation, stay up to date with the latest skills and tips, from our knowledge bar, be the best nail technician ☑
  • Work for Yourself or a Salon

Why Choose Us?

So why us?

Unlike the other inferior courses on the market our beauty courses / nail technician courses give you everything you need to be a TRUE professional, Beauty Tips unique approach allows you to soak in and practice at your own pace around your schedule in your own time. 

We find many of our students already have been practicing doing nails for themselves or their friends for some time, but haven’t got the time to take on a  longer course.

We offer a unique approach to blended learning with very in-depth videos and tutorial guides followed by a practical perfection and assessment session - booked in your own time when ready.  This will allow you to gain the knowledge and skills as well as the theory you will need quickly but effectively.

You will also receive 50% off our nail art course should you want to redeem it and free online IPHM accredted therapy and beauty courses as well as help on setting up your OWN business.

Nail Course Pricing
Assessment Day

IPHm logo for our free beauty courses

FREE accredited Beauty Courses: - IPHM

Offered by our partners at The Health Therapist Academy this online-only completely free beauty course is accredited to an international standard via IPHM (international, practitioners of holistic medicine) allowing you to get insurance and once graduated from our free beauty course practice as a fully qualified beauty therapist.

The free beauty course is hosted online via Braincert a leading educational provider and e-learning platform, the free beauty course offer not only includes the course but full validated assessment as well, as well as up to 2 other free online accredited courses of your choice.

This is an advanced professional course benchmarked at a higher level 3-5 and is aimed at people wanting entry into the beauty profession.

Why choose a free beauty course with us?

  • The beauty course is FREE with the professional nail course* (*which is accredited via in-person assessment after online practice via ABT)
  • The beauty course is accredited internationally via IPHM
    You can choose up to 2 other free courses accredited via IPHM with your purchase
  • No other offer matches this in giving you the potential to practice privately and work for yourself or a small salon.

The beauty industry is growing year on year and job prospects and earnings are good. The potential to add other services through additional free qualifications to your beauty course and nail course certificates means you can offer a unique and personalised service, as well as stand out from the crowd and blow the competition away.

There has never been a time like now to become a beauty professional, as we enter a brave new world post pandemic people are once again looking for ways of making themselves feel better and turning to the beauty industry for that luxury pampering experience, you will soon be equipped to provide.

As a beauty professional you will learn how to greet and meet, style and file, pluck and tuck, you will become a fully rounded beauty proficianado that not only ‘knows their stuff’, but who knows how to excel and shine.

You will learn skin care techniques, hair care, nail care and all common as well as some less common beauty treatments.

These will stand you in good stead when entering the profession and give you the secret knowledge to succeed, including tips on setting up a business and working for yourself or others. Begin your beauty career today with Beauty Tips nail and beauty courses.

Nail Technician Courses & ABT Nail Courses Online & In-Person


Nail Technician Courses UK Best Nail Courses Near Me

£499.00 £399.00

All Nail Courses & Nail Technician Courses Online & In-person & FULLY ABT Accredited

  1. Provided by Industry EXPERTS
  2. Flexible Nail Technician Courses Payment Options (Pay in 4 Monthly Installments)
  3. ALL Nail Courses Materials Provided in Practical Session(s)
  4. STUDENT Trade Discounts
  5. PLUS Complete Online Complete Beauty Course worth £499 NOW FREE!
  6. Best Nail Technician Courses on the Market
  7. PLUS 2 other FREE holistic health & beauty courses online worth £499 NOW FREE!

About Us

Nail Technician Courses - Nail Courses, from Beauty Courses @ Beauty Tips

Our main location in the North West is inside the Tapestry Liverpool (Our course locations may vary and are can be held in hotels throughout the country, the course consists of advanced online videos taken at your own pace and 1 day practical assessment, and skill honing). We always ensure easy access from both the motorway and public transport (bus and train)...  

Begin Your Journey Today...


Apply now and get a discounted deluxe professional starter kit Including: everything you need to start practicing.nail kit

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Nail Technician Courses UK Best Nail Courses Near Me Nail Courses Online UK

beauty tips beauty courses nail courses nail technician courses nail art picture 1 Looking for nail technician courses UK-based or ‘nail courses near me,’ or even just nail courses online? We can help, at Beauty Tips, our professional nail technician courses combine UK blended nail courses online learning techniques,  and professional in-person practical assessment – available throughout the UK, helping you find what you are looking for when you type ‘nail courses near me’ – after all what could be nearer you than an online course with regional in-person assessment days?

Why Become a Nail Technician?

Just check out our Instagram for all the fantastic nail art you will be able to attempt once you become a ‘nail course near me’ graduate and discover the essentials of manicure, pedicure, and acrylic sculpture and application. As nail art becomes ever more popular, just check out social media, there is a growing need for professionally qualified nail technicians. The job outlook for nail professionals will grow at around 10-20% between 2020 and 2030.
At Beauty Tips, by offering nail courses online UK and ‘nail courses near me,’ our nail technician study program is designed to prepare nail professionals to enter the job market with confidence, talent & skill with little pressure, whilst learning at your own pace.

Lightning Quick Nail Courses UK Online AND ‘Near Me’

If you want to get into the nail industry, but don’t want to wait weeks, months, or even years, we have your back. You can complete the online nail technician qualification at your own pace, but as soon as YOU feel you are ready then you can book your assessment day and qualify with the highest ABT (Association of Beauty Therapists) standard. For a limited time, we are also offering an online-only free professional beauty course (accredited by IPHM) with every nail courses UK and ‘nail courses near me’ booking. Our nail technician courses UK are highly rated and industry recognised. After graduation, you can gain professional insurance and become a licensed nail technician in the UK, or practice internationally as a beauty therapist if you take up our free offer.

Embrace Your Inner Creativity

Do you like the idea of playing with colours, shapes, and designs, maybe you are a budding Picasso, or you just like the idea of doing something creative and fun, either way, we will equip you to become a working nail technician where this is a part of daily life. You will learn some nail art and how to do nail extensions and sculpture, as well as basic and advanced manicures and pedicures. There are endless possibilities for creativity as a Beauty Tips nail professional.

Making People Feel Better<h/3>

Jazzing up someone’s nails for a party or just making them neat and tidy can make someone feel better about their appearance and their life. As a nail technician and one of our nail technician courses UK graduates you will be able to converse with clients after experience practicing on friends and family and only getting assessed once you feel comfortable with what you are doing, you will enter a profession you will love and genuinely make people feel better.


Looking for a career where you are your own boss and you are in control of your own hours? Many Beauty Tips nail technicians and nail courses online UK & ‘nail course near me’ graduates work as freelance professionals and often rent space in a salon or travel to clients’ own houses. This gives you control over your own hours, which is perfect for people with families, or looking for flexibility.

Learn More About Our Nail Technician Courses UK, Nail Courses Online UK, And ‘Nail Courses Near Me’

At Beauty Tips, our nail technician courses can teach you how to create the latest nail styles, while giving crucial information on nail diseases, disorders, nail anatomy, and structure as well as how to set up your own business, including the essential legalities and important contra indicators to treatment.
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