Summer Nail Art Ideas: A Quick Guide

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best summer nail art ideas. Explore our curated collection and find your perfect design 

Explore our vast collection of designs, from trendy neon to sleek gold, and find the perfect design for you. We’ve got you covered with an array of trendy designs and summer nail art ideas for you to choose from!

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Ready to kick off the summer in style? We have a huge variety of neon nail art, gold nail art, green nail art, monochrome nail art and sunshine nail art that will have you looking chic and feeling cool.

Did we mention It’s time to get summer ready!

Whether you’re hitting the beach or relaxing at home, we’ve got you covered with a huge variety of neon summer nail art ideas, sun-kissed gold nails, cool green nails, or minimalist monochrome. Get your nails done for a festival this weekend? Our designs are water-resistant and won’t chip off in a matter of hours.

Summer beach wear nail art idea

Tropical Breeze

Summer is the time of year when people are most eager to try new things. The colors that are usually associated with this season are different shades of blue, green, and yellow. It is also the perfect time to revive old nail art designs that you haven’t worn in a while.

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Cocktails on the Beach

Nail art designs for summer usually include various colours like gold, neon, and green. If you want to stay away from these hues then you can opt for two-toned or monochrome nail art designs like birds or simple stripes. This season, in particular, nail art is full of bright and vibrant colours in high demand among nail designers and clients alike. These summer nail art ideas are perfect for this time of year because they echo the fun and carefree attitude of the summertime. Let your nails never be an excuse not to show off your personality!

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Sangria Sun

When it comes to nail art, many people tend to choose colours that have been popular in the past. The colours that are traditionally found in a classic manicure include pink, black and deep red, and although these are appropriate for summer there are also other colours that can be used to create stunning nail designs for the summer months. Don’t be afraid of neon or gold designs, they are in season and can give a very modern look to the evening cocktail party even when a minimalist design is used, like a diamond or stripe effect.

Summer elegance nail art idea

Ballroom Beauty

There are a wide variety of colours that can be used for your fashion needs. Some colors and tones always seem to shine brighter than others and some colours will blend in better with your current environment. If you’re looking for a more toned-down look, consider using black and white colours. These will accent beautifully the clothing you choose to wear.  A black sun on a white nail for example can be both defining and elegant, especially when wearing something contrasting like a bright summer dress, for example…

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, the key to all these summer nail art ideas was starting with the basics then layering to get the most, foils then used to accent some designs, steady hands are a must, it’s easy to relay gems and foils at home, but this doesn’t look professional when you’re constantly adjusting the design in the studio with clients, avoid too much coffee and caffeine and stay hydrated.

“Your life IS your inspiration, the good and the bad. Nail art can be a history of the expression of your soul, just let it come out to play and see where its’ imagination takes you.” – Beauty Tips

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