5+ TOP Ways how to do nail art at home without tools QUICKLY

How to do nail art at home without tools quickly

How to do nail art at home without tools is all about creativity and the possibilities are endless. You can do it with nail polish, a toothpick, even your fingers! Check out these tricks to help you make your own nail art at home without tools.

The article discusses how to do nail art at home without tools. It mentions some of the ways people have done it in the past and provides some tips on how to do it yourself.

The ‘how to do nail art at home without tools’ introduction

The ability to do your own nail art at home is a popular trend in the beauty industry, maybe its the cost of living crisis but many of us just don’t have the money to splash out on nail salons at the minute.

Although many nail art designs may seem simple to do, they can actually be quite difficult to achieve without any tools, or the help of a professional nail artists or salon.

However, do not despair, in this article we will provide you with some nail art ideas that can be achieved without any tools at home.

Option 1: The ‘professional how to do nail art at home without tools’ look

Remember, when applying your nail art, anything could be used as a tool, the side of the nails on your other hand (but please remove any polish afterwards!), or the brush that comes within the polish lid. If you want your nails to look like they have been professionally done, then we recommend going for one of these designs:

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1) French manicure – this design is perfect for special occasions and can be achieved with just a couple of products. To do a french manicure first you need to do a base coat.

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Start with a white nail polish and then use two other shades that have different tones, but not too much contrast. Base the first shade on the nail bed and paint it in straight vertical lines, making sure to stop just before your fingers bend at the wrist.

Repeat with the other layers.

2) Ombre nails – this design is perfect for those who want to go more subtle and natural looking. To do Ombre nails first paint a base coat of white polish and then apply colour over the tips of your nails.

3) Glitter nails – if you are not feeling confident enough to paint your nails, then this might be the best option for you!

To do glitter nails , start by painting your nails with a liquid or gel base coat like Sally Hansen – Hard as Nails.

Then paint the design you want with sparkly polish. Lastly, apply a topcoat for added shine and protection!

Although these designs are great, they still require a minimal use of tools. With the right products and a little bit of patience, you can do nail art at home without tools, except those you might find laying around the house, and no I’m not talking about ’the husband’. From glitter to stickers, here are some tips for creating your own nail art at home.

Best Tip: Paint your nails with a solid base coat. This will create a protective barrier on which you can apply the designs. Shake off the excess.

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Option 2: Avant-garde ‘how to do nail art at home without tools’ designs!

To achieve the first ’no tool’ look add glitter by sprinkling over, or apply nail art stickers, gems and diamantes (why not make your own diamantes using anything sparkly, and a cheese grater!).

Alternatively, you could go all ’modern art’ by splashing a mixture of different polish colours on your nails, use your other hand or the bottle tip to create swirls and waves.

Geometric shapes can also be made by cutting stickers into shapes and painting the rest of your nails, before delicately peeling off.

Or, why not try painting around an old pen lid, piece of string or other incidental object you may have laying around, ’his’ allen keys are great for this, shhh! don’t tell him! Remember to use clear nail polish to seal your design and prevent smudging.

If you want to remove any excess nail polish quickly and easily you could always use a sponge dabbed with water and nail polish remover that has been rubbed vigorously on a towel, but don’t forget to wait for 10 minutes before taking a bath or shower.

Removing any ’additional’ leftovers with nail polish remover soaked in rubbing alcohol, a soaked cotton ball, or the eraser end of a pencil is also relatively easy to do at home. Alternatively, substitute a small towel for the sponge above when learning how to do nail art at home without tools.

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In conclusion:

Finally, when you do your nail art without tools at home remember the mess is part of the fun and don’t take things too seriously, just be ready to experiment and have a little fun! That’s all folks!!!

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