Gel Nail Colours: The No 1* Ultimate Guide

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The Difference between Gel Nail Colours and Regular Polish

Introduction: The Benefits of Gel Nail Colours

Gel nail polish is a type of nail polish that is applied to the nails in a gel-like substance, and then cured under ultraviolet light.

The benefits of gel nail polish are that it can last up to three weeks without chipping or peeling, it also doesn’t require the use of any harsh chemicals and it’s easy to remove with just soap and water.

It’s also a great way to get creative with your gel nail colours because it comes in so many colours. and designs. Also, gel nails are a great way to cover up and protect your natural nails. The cons of Gel Nail Polish are that it can be more expensive to maintain, you have to be careful when choosing a colour and if the gel is too high-shine it can look fake.

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Gel nail colours

What Does It Mean To Be Long-Lasting?

The word “long-lasting” is not a new one. It has been around for centuries and has been used to describe anything from buildings to relationships.

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But what does it really mean?

Long-lasting is usually described as something that will last a long time, or something that will last through the ages. In today’s society, we often find ourselves searching for things that are long-lasting and durable. We want things that are going to be with us for the long haul and we want them to be of high quality especially when it comes to gel nail colours.

We want our buildings to be long lasting and durable, our relationships to be strong and long lasting, and our cars to last longer than three years.

We want products that are going to last the test of time so we can continue using them, we want nail colours that can be thought of in a time-frame of weeks or months rather than products that last just a few days before they chip, peel or fade away.

Even the longest lasting colours are however unlikely to last longer than around 6 weeks, maybe some things are just not meant to last, the true secret to long lasting gel nail colours?

Gel nail colours how to infographic 1

Regular infills and proper nail care, as well as choosing a nail professional that is suitably qualified and experienced at what they do. Our nail technician courses are ABT accredited and this ensures our graduates operate to the highest standards in the nail art industry,

The Differences between Gel Nail Colours and Regular Polish

Gel polish is a newer form of nail polish that is more durable and chip-resistant than regular nail polish. It can last up to two to three weeks, but it also requires professional removal. Regular nail polish dries in minutes and can be removed at home with regular polish remover or acetone.

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The gel application process takes about 15 minutes, then the nails are dry and ready to be painted with your choice of colours. The colours are applied using long, fine brushes which give a perfect finish when applied by a trained and qualified professional.

However, there are techniques to make regular polish look like gel, even if it won’t necessarily last as long.

What is the Difference Between Gel NAIL Colours and Acrylics?

There are many differences between gel and acrylic nail colours. The first difference is that acrylic nail colours are more expensive than gel nail colours. This is because they are more durable and last longer than gel nail colours, often up to six to eight weeks.

The second difference is that gel nails need to be cured under UV light for two minutes, whereas acrylic nails do not need to be cured under UV light.

The third difference is that the removal process for gel nails can take up to 10 minutes, whereas the removal process for acrylic nails can take up to 20 minutes.

The fourth difference is that you can use any colour of polish with a gel manicure, whereas it’s common to use a white or clear base coat with an acrylic manicure.

Acrylic Nails and Gel Colours?

Acrylic nails can be applied as individual nails, on top of your natural nails, or they can be applied to cover up your natural nails. Acrylics are made of liquid plastic and acrylic powder. This mixture is then painted onto the nail bed and quickly dries without a UV light. Acrylics are extremely durable, which means they can last for up to eight weeks.

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In addition, they are resistant to chips, cracks and breakage by using a top coat. What can acrylic nails be applied to? Acrylic nails can come in a variety of colours such as black, blue, brown and pink.

They can also be covered with glitter or rhinestones. It is possible to use gel colours with acrylic nails but regular infills and touch-ups would be necessary as well as careful nail care to ensure the colours last the lifespan of the more durable acrylic nail.

Conclusion & Takeaway Points

You can use whatever type of gel or polish you want but each comes with benefits and draw-backs, normal polish is easy and quick to apply but short lived, gel nail colours and gel nails last up to three weeks when treated with care, but need UV curing and take longer to apply and take off than regular polish.

Acrylic nails and colours last longer still but take even longer to remove and due to the longer lifespan may require more regular infills to ensure they maintain their initial presentation. Fingers and nails are a tricky thing. They need to be cleaned, moisturised, and protected regularly.

The best way to do this is with a product like cuticle oil or a quick scrub of your hands with a gentle soap and water. Please remember all jewellery should be removed before painting your nails and never worn in the pool or shower as any moisture can cause your nail colours to break, peel or crack.

Stay away from harsh chemicals like some detergents, and cleaning fluids like bleach which can also damage your hands, nails and nail colours. When taking care of your new nails consider regular manicures and pedicures to help with nail maintenance.

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