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3 Simple Steps - Pay in Installments:

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Step 2 : Complete all theory and home practice (purchase kit optional )
Step 3: Once all completed and you feel ready and confident, then book onto the 1 day in person practical assessment

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How to choose a nail technician course top 3 tips

How to choose a nail technician course top 3 tips

If you’re creative, detail-oriented, work fast, and enjoy meeting new people these how to choose a nail technician course top 3 tips are for you. You’ll love starting a career as a nail designer. Nail salons serve over 100 customers a day and the best part about nails is that they always need to be replaced within a few weeks. It means that you have entered an industry that needs constant replenishment. As the economy continues to grow and the population continues to grow, more and more potential customers will be available. But how do you start?

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Salons are willing to hire licensed nail technicians because this formal training improves the quality of work they provide to their clients. The questions you should ask yourself are: How do I find a nail technician school? What are my options after graduation? How do I get a job? There are actually three specific tips you should focus on when starting your career as a nail technician: 1. training and further education, 2. networking and 3. creativity.

Education and training

The first step to starting a career as a nail designer is finding the right school. You may want to participate in a program that provides training in a variety of common nail care techniques. Beauty Tips Academy currently offers training in nail art, pedicure, manicure (basic and luxury) as well as filing and acrylic extension and sculpture. This is in addition to teaching students the basic anatomy of the hands and nails and correctly identifying the presence of diseased or infected tissue and contraindications to treatment, something every nail technician should know. Beauty Tips’ program is accredited by the Association of Beauty Therapists an industry recognised accreditation entitling the graduate to professional insurance within the UK. ABT only accredits schools that meet their high standards of professional training in technical nail professions. In other words, these are the seals of approval you want your education to know that you are gearing up for success. Tip 1 select a highly rated ABT accredited nail course.


As is the case in most industries today, the beauty & nail industry is all about networking. Who do you know, what do you know, what do they know about you, everything matters! When starting your career, it is best to start with your contacts via social media. Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances are more likely to hire you at the start of your career than anyone else. It is also highly recommended that you keep a portfolio of your work. This means taking pictures; document your techniques; show the world what you can do! This up-to-date record of your nail artwork makes it easy to identify your skills and enables future employers, or clients to refer you to their friends and acquaintances.

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Stay Open with Your Creativity

Nail art is more than the nail art itself. It is a continuous learning process. There are many different types of nail art, and each technique has its own peculiarities. Don’t limit yourself to one style or you won’t get very far. Every customer has er or his own tastes and desires. The more versatile you are, the more customers you can serve.

When You Start

You can make a profitable career as a nail technician, but you have to be willing to put in the work for it. Hard work, dedication, and good organisational skills are necessary to be successful in this business, especially with freelance work. Remember choosing a course that gives business start-up advice is a must for any budding nail artist, Beauty Tips nail technician and nail courses offer a free beauty course that also includes advice on how to set up a new therapy & beauty business.

Remember just as every artist should put his name before the world and show his talent to everyone, you should be ready to do the same.

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