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Great Courses #Stillgood but is it the Best for Beauty?

The Great Courses website has emerged as an indispensable resource for those eager to broaden their horizons and embrace lifelong learning. In the words of a thrilled user, “The Great Courses has been a game-changer for me in terms of lifelong learning.”

With a long history this comprehensive platform offers an incredibly diverse array of subjects, ranging from history and science to personal development and cooking. As another satisfied learner attests, “The Great Courses has something for everyone.”

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Beauty Tips FREE Professional Courses
Courses in beauty therapy, hypnosis, counselling, personal training, nutrition and more all professionally recognised and accredited Click HERE to check out our free trial...

A key aspect that sets Great Courses apart is its adaptability. Users can either purchase individual courses or opt for The Great Courses Plus, a subscription-based service that grants unlimited access to all courses for a nominal monthly fee.

A delighted reviewer noted, “The Great Courses Plus is an incredible deal. I can’t believe how many courses I have access to for such a low price.” This flexibility ensures that there’s a suitable option for every type of learner.

Complementing its extensive course selection, The Great Courses also provides a treasure trove of supplementary materials, such as course guides, lecture notes, and quizzes. These valuable resources enable users to immerse themselves in the content and deepen their comprehension.

One enthusiastic user proclaimed, “The course guides are incredibly helpful. They provide additional context and really enhance the learning experience.”

Another exceptional feature of The Great Courses is the caliber of its instructors. The website boasts an impressive lineup of top experts in their respective fields, including esteemed professors and award-winning authors. As one user commented, “The instructors are top-notch. They are engaging, knowledgeable, and passionate about their subjects.”

The Great Courses is an invaluable resource for those hobbyists seeking to expand their knowledge and explore new areas of interest. With its vast array of courses, flexible subscription options, and high-quality instructors, it’s no surprise that The Great Courses has become the go-to platform for lifelong learners.

As a satisfied user succinctly put it, “The Great Courses is simply the best.”


The Problem with Beauty at The Great Courses

However, it’s important to recognize that The Great Courses primarily targets hobbyists rather than professionals. While its offerings may serve as continuing professional development (CPD) for already qualified professionals, those seeking to embark on a new career in health, nutrition, fitness, wellness, or beauty should consider an accredited course provider.

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Unfortunately, at the time of writing, The Great Courses doesn’t provide any courses in beauty or related fields, and its nutrition and fitness courses are neither insurable nor accredited. When searching for great courses on Google, it’s crucial to find a provider that offers accredited courses in your desired field, ideally for a low monthly subscription or even for free.

The Great Courses Free Videos

Enter, our website that offers a variety of online courses for individuals interested in the beauty industry. These courses encompass a diverse range of topics, such as beauty therapy with Indian head massage (which includes makeup, hair, and beauty), technical nail qualifications, life coaching, personal training, massage, and nutritional therapy, among others.

Is Beauty Tips the Solution You’ve Been Looking For? features a user-friendly platform that allows users to access courses at their own pace and convenience. Additionally, the website includes a blog section filled with informative articles about the latest beauty trends and techniques.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, offers something for everyone looking to enhance their beauty skills as well as a wealth of business-related CPD for course students.

Business CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is an essential tool for professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in their field. It involves participating in courses, attending workshops and seminars, and engaging in other activities that help individuals stay current with the latest industry trends and developments.

For a beauty professional seeking to launch their career, enrolling in great CPD courses can prove particularly beneficial. These courses may cover marketing, accounting, and business management, helping beauty professionals develop the skills necessary to start and grow their own beauty business.

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By remaining up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, a beauty professional can position themselves for success and stand out in a competitive market.


At Beauty Tips great courses we offer a monthly subscription of £24.99, complete with a one-week free trial. This is an exceptional deal for anyone interested in learning about beauty tips and techniques.

The monthly subscription grants users access to a vast range of courses covering various topics related to beauty, health, and fitness. These courses, designed by industry experts, provide a wealth of knowledge to help users enhance their beauty routines and overall appearance.

The one-week free trial enables users to sample the courses before committing to the monthly subscription, allowing them to determine if the courses are well-suited to their needs without any financial risk.

Furthermore, the monthly subscription is quite affordable compared to other beauty courses available in the market.

For just £24.99 per month, users can access a comprehensive range of courses that teach new beauty techniques, foster skill development, and keep them informed about the latest trends.

In addition, the courses are designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that even beginners can learn new beauty skills quickly and effectively. Another fantastic aspect of Beauty Tips great courses is the sense of community they foster.

Users can interact with other learners through leaderboards and gamification, creating a supportive learning environment where individuals can motivate each other by sharing their progress and celebrating course completions.

Monthly Subscription – Check ✓

The monthly subscription of £24.99, complete with a one-week free trial, is a fantastic deal for anyone interested in learning about beauty.

With access to a diverse range of courses, an intuitive interface, and a supportive community, Beauty Tips great courses provide an excellent learning experience that can help users elevate their beauty routines, become professionally qualified, and enhance their career progression.

As we at Beauty Tips say, “Why settle for anything else, it’s got to be… perfect.”

As we’ve already established, Beauty Tips great courses offer an extensive range of courses that cater to various interests, skill levels, and professional aspirations within the beauty, health, and fitness industries.

To further emphasise the value of this platform, let’s delve into some additional benefits and features that make it an ideal choice for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in these areas.

Expert Instructors: Beauty Tips great courses are designed and led by experienced professionals and industry leaders who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

This ensures that the content is relevant, up-to-date, and rooted in best practices. Learners can trust that they’re receiving high-quality instruction from experts who understand the intricacies of the beauty, health, and fitness industries.

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Wide Range of Topics: The platform offers a diverse selection of courses, covering everything from makeup application and hair care to massage therapy and personal training. This variety allows users to explore different aspects of the beauty, health, and fitness industries and expand their skill sets.

Whether you’re interested in enhancing your existing abilities or developing new ones, Beauty Tips great courses have something to offer.

Flexible Learning: One of the significant advantages of online learning is the flexibility it provides. Beauty Tips great courses allow you to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. This feature is particularly beneficial for busy individuals who may struggle to fit traditional in-person courses into their schedules.

Interactive Learning Experience: Beauty Tips great courses incorporate various interactive elements, such as quizzes, video tutorials, and practical exercises, to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience. These features help learners better understand and apply the course content, ultimately leading to improved retention and skill development.

Ongoing Support: The platform offers a wealth of resources and support to help users make the most of their learning experience. In addition to the course content itself, learners can access blog articles, CPD, and customer support to address any questions or concerns they may have.

Networking Opportunities: Beauty Tips great courses provide users with the opportunity to connect with other like-minded learners. This networking aspect can lead to valuable connections, collaborations, and friendships within the beauty, health, and fitness industries.

Affordability: As previously mentioned, the monthly subscription of £24.99, complete with a one-week free trial, offers incredible value for the wide range of courses and resources available. This affordability makes professional development more accessible to individuals who may be deterred by the cost of traditional in-person courses.

A Few Final Words..

Beauty Tips great courses offer a comprehensive and affordable solution for individuals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the beauty, health, and fitness industries. With its wide range of topics, expert instructors, flexible learning options, and ongoing support, this platform has the potential to transform the careers and lives of its users.

Whether you’re an aspiring beauty professional, a seasoned expert looking to expand your skills, or simply someone with a passion for learning about beauty, health, and fitness, Beauty Tips great courses have something to offer.

By investing in your personal and professional development through this platform, you can unlock new opportunities, achieve your goals, and enjoy a more fulfilling career in these dynamic and ever-evolving industries.

“Dream big and do your passion” – The Beauty Tips Team..

Beauty Tips FREE Professional Courses
Courses in beauty therapy, hypnosis, counselling, personal training, nutrition and more all professionally recognised and accredited Click HERE to check out our free trial...

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