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#1 Superstar Exercise Regime – Emma Raducanu Tennis #tennisfit

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Emma raducanu superstar exercise regime in action

Preparation, determination, and a superstar exercise regime — these are the elements that have propelled Emma Raducanu, the Canadian-born, London-raised tennis sensation, into the international spotlight.

At just 19 years old, she has already made history by becoming the first British woman to win the U.S. Open in over half a century[^1^]. This article explores the driving force behind her success — her comprehensive and robust fitness strategy.

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1. Building a Strong Fitness Foundation

The road to success has not been without its challenges for Raducanu. After a triumphant 2021, she faced a series of injuries that disrupted her training consistency, forcing her to return to the basics[^1^]. Despite the setbacks, she remained undeterred, focusing on rebuilding her fitness foundation one step at a time.

1.1 Re-establishing the Basics

Raducanu’s superstar exercise regime saw her revisiting basic fitness principles, including strength and agility drills on the court, weight-lifting, and core exercises[^1^][^2^]. She shared her journey back to fitness on social media, posting a montage of herself training incrementally, describing her progress as “step by step”[^1^].

“When I posted that video, it was literally the first time in the last year (that) I’d done a proper little chunk of training, so I was really, really happy to be starting that,” Raducanu told TODAY. “Because I honestly hadn’t done much, I just needed to start at the beginning and build my foundation up again. It’s so important to have a good foundation in everything, and after that, you can add complications and throw some more interesting things in.”[^1^]

1.2 Collaborating with Seasoned Experts

To support her fitness journey, Raducanu collaborated with Jez Green, a physical conditioning specialist with over 20 years of experience on both the ATP and WTA Tours[^2^]. Green, renowned for his work with Andy Murray, focuses not just on strength and fitness, but also on enhancing an athlete’s movement, creating a long-term plan to optimise their ability to strike the ball[^2^].

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2. Prioritising Healthy Habits

Beyond focused physical training, Raducanu emphasises the importance of integrating healthy habits into her daily routine. These habits include maintaining a well-hydrated body and observing a balanced diet.

2.1 Hydration for Clarity and Energy

Raducanu views hydration as a crucial aspect of her superstar exercise regime. Its importance is heightened due to the substantial amount of perspiration she experiences during her on-court sessions[^1^].

“Being on court, I’m sweating so much that staying hydrated is important to me,” said Raducanu, who’s been a brand ambassador for Evian since January. “It’s so good for mental clarity and to feel energetic. Otherwise you feel sluggish. And I know it improves my mood, as well.”[^1^]

2.2 Balanced and Nutrient-rich Diet

Raducanu’s diet underscores the importance of fresh, nutrient-rich food in her superstar exercise regime. She notably adores sushi, and she also enjoys fresh coconut water as a snack[^1^]. She has also revealed to WSJ. Magazine her unusual penchant for smoked salmon, which she enjoys three times a day[^4^]. Smoothie bowls and energy balls also form part of her nutrition plan, providing her with the necessary fuel for her rigorous training sessions[^1^].

3. Motivation and Mental Strength

Raducanu’s superstar exercise regime is not just about physical training and nutrition; it also involves nurturing mental resilience and motivation. She acknowledges that there are days when the drive to train can waver. However, she has a unique trick to overcome such moments.

“I think about how good I feel afterward,” she said. “For me, nothing beats the satisfaction of a really big training day and feeling really proud of yourself, knowing you’ve pushed yourself to the max. Right now, I’ve been doing so much work that sometimes I feel completely uncoordinated toward the end of it, but I know I’ve pushed myself to that stage, and I accept that once I freshen up, I’ll be a lot better. The feeling afterward is what keeps me going.”[^1^]

4. Embracing Challenges and Celebrating Progress

Raducanu believes in the importance of embracing challenges and taking pride in one’s progress, a key aspect of her superstar exercise regime. She admits that she has not had the easiest year, but she views the trials she has faced as learning opportunities[^1^].

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5. A Comprehensive Workout Routine

Raducanu’s workout routine is a blend of cardio, weightlifting, and tennis drills. She incorporates at least four weight training days into her schedule, focusing on heavy weight lifting and cardio workouts[^3^]. While cardio helps her build stamina and endurance, the weight lifting and tennis drills improve her strength and agility[^3^].

5.1 Cardio Workouts

Raducanu’s superstar exercise regime often begins with a cardio workout lasting about an hour[^3^]. She does a lot of running both on and off the court, and she also incorporates biking into her cardio routine[^3^]. After the workout, she dedicates a few minutes to stretching to avoid injury[^3^].

5.2 Weightlifting

Raducanu’s weightlifting routine includes a comprehensive workout lasting about an hour[^3^]. The routine comprises overall body fitness and CrossFit exercises, focusing on strengthening and conditioning[^3^]. The circuit-based workout keeps rest periods between exercises to a minimum, while allowing a 90-120 second rest period after each circuit[^3^].

6. Yoga for Flexibility and Relaxation

To complement her high-intensity workouts, Raducanu incorporates yoga into her superstar exercise regime. Not only does it help maintain her flexibility, but it also provides a calming effect, allowing her to unwind and relax[^4^].

7. Consistency and Determination

Consistency plays a key role in Raducanu’s superstar exercise regime. Whether she’s training for a tournament or maintaining her fitness during the off-season, she adheres to a regular workout schedule[^2^]. This consistency has enabled her to remain competitive despite numerous challenges.

8. The Importance of Rest and Relaxation

Despite her rigorous training routine, Raducanu recognises the importance of rest and relaxation in her superstar exercise regime. She enjoys taking baths with Epsom salts after a long day of training, viewing it as a well-earned reward[^4^]. She also ensures that she gets at least eight hours of sleep each night, aiming for even more when she’s preparing for a match[^4^].

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9. Mental Fitness and Mindset

Raducanu’s superstar exercise regime also focuses on mental fitness. She believes in the power of a positive mindset and the importance of curiosity and asking questions[^4^]. She also enjoys reading non-fiction books to continuously learn and grow[^4^].

10. A Personalised Approach to Fitness

Raducanu’s superstar exercise regime is tailored to her unique needs and goals. She believes in trusting her own decision-making and following a fitness regimen that works for her[^4^]. This personalised approach has been instrumental in her success, helping her become one of the world’s top tennis players.

In conclusion, Emma Raducanu’s superstar exercise regime is a holistic approach to fitness, combining physical training, a balanced diet, mental resilience, and rest. Her journey offers valuable insights for anyone seeking to improve their fitness, demonstrating that with determination, consistency, and a personalised approach, it’s possible to overcome challenges and achieve success.

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