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Basic Makeup and Beauty Tips for Beauty NOOBS..

Basic Makeup and Beauty Tips for Beauty NOOBS…


So It’s official YOU are excellent, and we need to complement that magnificence, where do we begin with beauty tips tailored to you? In a typical store, you will be outfoxed by a host of powders and potions that will promise the world, yet can they deliver that wow experience we all need from time to time? Our best basic beauty tips for cosmetics will help you achieve that perfect look if you are a beauty amateur or just starting to delve into the world of cosmetics and skincare.

While picking the right cosmetics to purchase, it is important to remember that buying cheap can be costly (‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’; as the saying goes), go for quality evaluated and well-reviewed items, your skin will thank you later.

The Ultimate Beauty Tip: Really Try Focusing on Your Skin

Since you have recognised that, you need to deal with your skin you may know you need only a couple of things to really focus on your skin. Different individuals have distinctive skin types, so recognise your skin type first prior to buying any of those aforementioned powders or potions. Assuming you have decided to opt for that pampered or sophisticated look the following items are essential; cleanser, toner, and of course moisturiser.

The cleaning agents profoundly help with cleaning your face removing traces of dirt, sweat and grime and should be the minimum severity for your skin type. Avoid harsh chemicals and go for a dermatologically tested hypoallergenic formula, to ensure you avoid those ‘new cleanser’ breakouts we all love to hate. Next of course comes the toner, which supports and recharges your skin evening blotchy skin and emphasizing your natural structure colouring and radiance to make a perfect look. The moisturiser or cream helps keep the skin hydrated and locks in moisture after the toner and cleanser have been removed by a clean cotton pad (don’t use a towel as this is a reservoir for germs and a common cause of unsightly breakouts). Remember it is important to also stay hydrated for your skin! 30ml of fluid per kg of body weight is usually plenty, though you still need to replenish what weight you lose in exercise inline with the following formula: 1 Liter per kg lost or 1ml per gram (boy those would be sensitive scales, or maybe that’s the 90’s chick in  me). Choose a moisturiser appropriate for your skin again dermatologically tested and preferably hypoallergenic, a good brand is Clinique or Simple (for those on a smaller budget). Ask in store in many Boots or large department stores and the counter assistant will normally do a skin test and make a good recommendation, in general though avoid oily lotions if you have oily skin and soap based moisturisers if you have dry skin.

Basic and Simple Beauty Tips for Make-Up Everyday Practices

  1. Start by cleaning up and scrubbing the skin to ensure no residue of dirt is left. Pat your skin clean with a cosmetic towel or fabric/cotton swab, then, at that point allow it two minutes to dry completely.
  2. Follow this up with a toner application using the same pattern as above, generally work with the lines of the face in anti-clockwise motions with cross strokes on wrinkles and deep lines, then, at that point apply moisturising lotion and let it sit for around five minutes or more prior to putting on the primer according to the packet instructions…
  3. Following another five minutes, put on the foundation. Foundation helps and assists the cosmetics to sit well and last longer. You do this with your fingers (wash and dry them first with antibacterial wash). Likewise, you can utilize a brush or a wipe contingent upon how much foundation you need, again it’s very important these are impeccably clean to avoid outbreaks. Pick a shading that coordinates with your complexion for an even look, again even if you dont end up buying from there, makeup counters in big department stores will colour match using charts and even lasers!! To make sure you have that ‘as near as perfect’ match..
  4. Follow this up with a concealer to hide dark circles, blemishes and other areas you want to de-emphasize (is that a word!), not every person will require a concealer or even want one. In any case, for those of us who do, a concealer assists with hiding those difficult flaws such as; huge pores and age spots. The concealer ought to be a shade lighter than the foundation. Once more, you can mix this with your fingers (wash them first). Put the concealer on the parts you wish to hide. Then, at that point spread evenly with your fingers until it’s thoroughly blended into your skin tones. You can likewise utilize a clean concealer brush, which may help some people achieve a more even look.
  5. The last advance is setting your makeup, which can be accomplished with a good quality setting powder. Setting powder assists your cosmetics with staying put for expanded periods without getting smirched or smeared.
  6. Remember to be sparing around the eyes and read you labels, the eye is a delicate area and eye makeup its own specialised field. Make sure washout any makeup that gets in your eyes with tepid water, and dab dry with a suitable clean cloth to prevent infection and irritation. I would recommend going to a department store with a photo of someone’s makeup you want to try particularly with eyemakeup and ask the assistant that gives you a makeover to explain what they are doing and why, this is very true for eye makeup as the eyes fundamentally set the face and can be hard to get right when ‘experimenting’ at home.

As you become more sure about your beauty and cosmetics abilities, you can try different things with cutting edge cosmetics styles, but remembering the basics is the key to good looking and healthy skin, with or without makeup.

“The future lies within the eyes of those that still chose to see, not those content with being, but with what they can yet be.” Beauty-Tips.co.uk

Eating Related Beauty Tips

To underscore the primary point, genuine magnificent skin begins from the inside. Eat well to feel great and wonderful. It’s difficult to feel your best when clogged up, … which is the reason eating great is so good for your skin, but dont just eat green with your veg, eat a rainbow with at least 3 different vegetable with lunch and dinner and 2 fruit with breakfast for an optimal gut microflora and optimum balance, you will thank me later. Stay hydrated by drinking a great deal of water for the duration of the day, assisting you with removing unhelpful free-radicals and toxins from your body, bringing huge ebenfits and whilst battling skin inflammation.

For getting healthy skin, the kind of food you eat is everything, stay away from greasy food sources and prepared sugars as they cause skin breakouts at times, rather supplant the trans and saturated fats in your diet with fish and plant based omega 3s.  Water is imperative for healthy skin as we have discussed above simply stick to what your body needs. In addition to making sunscreen your closest companion, you should pay special-mind to your skin outwardly and an excessive amount of exposure to the sun’s rays causes age spots and wrinkles to show up sooner than you might want. SPF15 is the minimum recommended for temperate zones, lookup local travel advice when travelling to warmer climates though as you might want to ramp-up those factors, sunburn is the enemy of good looking skin.

Basic Makeup and Beauty Tips for Beauty NOOBS.., Beauty Tips

Cosmetics and makeup can be fun and as you gain proficiency with the fundamentals and basics, it is good to investigate more choices after all Rome wasn’t built in a day, maybe Milton Keynes (no offence), but definitely not Rome. Remember practice and careful discipline brings about promising results.

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