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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Painting my nails with Duri polish

This week’s color is Burgundy Charade — which I pronounce “Sha-RHAD,” emphasis on “RHAD,” because lately the only voice I hear in my head is Moira’s on Schitt’s Creek. HAHAHA!


This under-the-radar family-run brand out of Brooklyn is a low-key beast in the best possible way. The polishes are pigmented, smooth, long-lasting and affordable (just $8 a bottle). I’ve also been using their top coat and drying drops, and they work great too.


2. Caroline Girvan’s workouts on YouTube

Caroline Girvan’s YouTube workouts are challenging, and she offers very little verbal instruction, so you kinda have to know what you’re doing already, but I sure do love the variety of her exercises.

I’m constantly trying moves I’ve never done before, which I love! Challenges ye olde muscles in different ways, ya know?

Also, on days when I can’t handle someone on the other side of a screen yelling at me to dig deep or do one more pushup or whatever, Caroline’s my go-to. Her videos have a short intro where she talks about the workout, but then during the video, all you hear is music and a series of beeps to let you know that a new exercise or a break is coming up while you see her working out on the screen with you.

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