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This or That: The Hair Dye Edition

This or That: The Hair Dye Edition

How to play

Pick one or the other for each of the questions below, and copy/paste your answers in the comments. Can’t wait to see your picks! Mine are listed below. 💋

This or That: The Hair Dye Edition

  • Salon or at-home dye?
  • Highlights or balayage?
  • Darker or lighter color?
  • Subtle or dramatic?
  • One color or multiple colors?
  • Just for fun — pink hair or blue hair?
  • Best way to hide roots — root spray, hat or headband?

Salon or at-home dye?

Currently, neither, but if I have to pick one…then salon dye. That way I won’t end up with a mess all over my bathroom walls! 🙂

Highlights or balayage?

Balayage (because it sounds fancy).

Darker or lighter color?

Ya know, I loved my hair lighter than my natural color, so I’ll go with lighter, but only if have unlimited time, funds and patience. LOL! Basically, it’s too expensive, takes too much time and is super high-maintenance, which is why I stopped doing it.

Subtle or dramatic?

I’m going to shock myself and go with “subtle.”

One color or multiple colors?

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