Just done an online course loved it.

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I took part in an nail workshop after I was invited by a friend. The workshop was good, I left knowing more than I went in, which was kind of the point, great tutor

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Great tutor, great course loved it

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3 Simple Steps - Pay in Installments:

Step 1 : Book your course
Step 2 : Complete all theory and home practice (purchase kit optional )
Step 3: Once all completed and you feel ready and confident, then book onto the 1 day in person practical assessment

Certificates upon completion will be posted out so please ensure all contact details / emails are correct at the time of purchase.

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The Top Nail Courses Compared

The Top 3 Nail Courses Compared

Have you always had a passion for nail art and nail courses and are now looking for a course that will take your passion to the next level and turn it into a profession?

You are in the right place!  This article provides a list of courses that aspiring nail technicians can take.  While most of the courses on our list are certified, we have also included a few courses you can sign up for if you want to learn more about nail art.  Have fun with our guide to the 3 top nail courses.

The Top Nail Courses Compared, Beauty Tips

The internet is full of options and you have probably already browsed it for the best nail technician courses online or nail technician courses near me, however as Bilbo Baggins would say not all that glitters is gold.

So here are Top 3 Course (Compared):

1. Beauty Tips Nail Technician Courses Nail Course – Blended learning & assessment.

This is the best nail technician course available online!  When you sign up for this nail art certification, you can start your career as a nail technician in the industry or expand your career with additional knowledge and skills for more professional jobs it is ABT accredited to the highest standard, has excellent reviews, and can be completed anytime anywhere via their unique mix of blended learning, you learn the theory online with dedicated support, practice at home on friends and family and in your own time have a 1-day practical in-person assessment and perfection class to ensure you are at the highest standard.  Courses include how-to videos, helpful illustrations, guides, tips, and more.  You’ll have access to online help as you learn an introduction to nails and how to start and market your own business. There is also a free online-only internationally accredited beauty course and 2 free therapy of your choice courses with this qualification making it the best value for money we could find.

The cost of this advanced accredited certification is £340 payable in installments, including multiple free courses for a limited time period.

The affordable cost lets you study at your own pace and you can access course materials from any device with infinite free refreshers.  After completing the course, you will receive the certificate and accredited diploma, which will be posted to you upon successful completion.

Here is a list of what you will learn in the course:

  1. Understand nail art and what a nail technician does.
  2. Learn about the different layers of skin and nail anatomy
  3. Learn about nail growth rate and different nail sectionsas well as nail disorders and disease and the contraindicators for treatments
  4. Learn how to prepare your workplace effectively. This module covers cleanliness and the importance of effectively cleaning your work area between sessions.
  5. The importance of consulting with your clients, advising them, and giving them clear instructions on how to take care of their nails in the future. Basic to advanced (luxury) manicure and pedicure.
  6. Acrylic nail application, extensions and sculpture
  7. Nail art.

2. Nail Technician Expert Course – Become a Superstar Nail Technician (Udemy)

This is one of the best nail technician courses available online at a cheaper rate.  We have included this course because it is perfect for students with different levels of experience.  Whether you’re new to the nail industry, with decades of experience, or just a few months old, this course includes varying levels of difficulty to meet the needs of all students.

Course Features:

  • Over six hours of video footage
  • 64 conferences
  • An article
  • Four Downloadable Resources
  • Access to mobile devices and TVs
  • Certificate of completion

The Top Nail Courses Compared, Beauty Tips

What you will learn:

  • Basic knowledge of nail structure and preparation.
  • Advanced knowledge of color combinations and composition.
  • Stunning design with shadows, textured textures and line drawings.
  • Correctly shape coffin, almond and oval nail shape
  • In-depth knowledge of sanitary conditions and disinfection.
  • Ergonomics of working with customers
  • Avoid allergies and accidents at work.
  • Thematic designs can be used at any time.

The downside of this course is that it only offers a certificate of completion and it may be difficult getting appropriate specialist insurance once you have completed this nail technician course. Course price is £90 but this doesn’t include industry recignised accreditation or any additional bonuses or features, hence why it is our second choice.

3. The Nail Trail: A Beginner’s Guide to Nail Art (Skillshare)

This short course is designed to give you a quick introduction to nail art!  If you are looking for some easy tips and tricks to start your nail art adventure, then this course is for you.

What you will learn:

  • Basic nail techniques
  • Here’s how to seal the look
  • Number
  • Grooves
  • Crescent moon
  • How to clean nails

This course is free via skillshare and a perfect starting point for most people, however again you only get a certificate of completion and you will struggle to get professional insurance on graduation still nether the less a great starting point and one of the better courses you can learn anywhere at any time. Pricing from free. Downside limited offers.

Remember when looking for top nail courses if you buy too cheap you could be buying twice!

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