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SHEET MASK | Skin7Teen 3-Step Americano Mask

Look at us! Already on the last day of January 2021! I have no comment really on my week because it has been a blur and I swear, I use my Instagram stories more than I should to figure out what I have been up to any given week! I used to use the blog for that, but it has been challenging to write my goal of 20 posts a month. I think the last time I did it was back when I wasn’t working during the lockdown and even that took loads of planning, but hopefully you have been enjoying my Instagram content as I have been mixing it up with posts from my job as well!

Skin7Teen 3-Step Americano Mask
Received in my FaceTory Subscription Box (paid for)

I love a good multi-step sheet mask and when the packaging is cute, even moreso so I know I’m not the only one who would have been instantly attracted to this coffee-themed sheet mask from Skin7Teen! This is almost a full skincare routine with an essence, ampoule and hydrating and “awakening” sheet mask all in one (there is actual coffee extract in the sheet mask)!

Skin7Teen 3-Step Americano Mask
I failed to follow the instructions on exactly WHERE to put the essence, but as you can see plainly on the packaging, it was meant for my T-Zone! There was quite a bit in the package though so using it all over my face seemed to make sense. It was clear and a hybrid of a water-gel consistency, absorbed easily into the skin and also contained witch hazel as an astringent.
The honey ampoule was meant to be applied on areas prone to redness which the instructions indicated was to be the cheeks, but again I used it everywhere. This ampoule had an interesting consistency because it seemed really watery when I was squeezing it out of the package, but then became syrupy and indeed honey-like when massaging into the skin! This honey ampoule is something I would love to use as a separate product as in contained royal jelly, propolis and honey extract! It also did not leave a sticky film on the skin.

Skin7Teen 3-Step Americano Mask
I was hoping the actual mask would smell like coffee, but sadly it did not. As mentioned above, it did contained a good amount of coffee extract, which is high in antioxidants, as well as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, ginseng and soothing cica extract. It was also VERY hydrating and left my skin feeling pretty tacky.

Skin7Teen 3-Step Americano Mask

Skin7Teen 3-Step Americano Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $5 USD
Skin concerns: Relax, hydrate and invigorate the skin
Scent: A little floral
Essence Type: Slightly gel-like (even though the FaceTory site says that it’s supposed to smell a little bit like coffee…)
Duration: 20 minutes
Thickness: Thin
Mask Fit: Thinness made me think it would have folded around my facial contours a bit better, but it was still quite good.
Tackiness: Medium…
Hydration: Pretty intense.
Other notes: It was actually quite sticky by the time I went to bed 2 hours after I had removed the mask. I groomed my cat and her fur was all over my face! I applied facial oil on top which seemed to help!

Skin7Teen 3-Step Americano Mask

Final verdict:
I am happy I got to try this mask as it is totally something I would have picked up on my own just because I was curious, but I don’t think I would try it again ONLY because the sheet mask left my skin feeling so tacky. This mask is also next to impossible to purchase as this brand is not readily available on a lot of Asian beauty e-tailers so the combination of those two factors has left me saying “no, thank you” to seeking this sheet mask out, but definitely worth a try and I would be interested in trying other masks from Skin7Teen as there is also a latte-themed one!

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