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Saturday Surfing, March 20, 2021 🌼

Saturday Surfing, March 20, 2021 🌼

Rise and shine, morning glory! Happy Caturday, and happy first day of spring! I hope you have something warm and delicious in your mug and a cat purring in your lap.

So…I went to Cost Plus World Market last weekend on a mission to find a British version of a Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar (long story , but I prefer the taste of the ones made across the pond to the ones made here in the U.S.), and while I was there I spotted this tin of butter cookies…

We had one in our house growing up, but it never actually had any cookies in it (weird, I know). Instead it was filled with sewing supplies, and now whenever I see one at a store, I crack up because memories.

By the way, I didn’t find my Cadbury Bar, boo! Cost Plus didn’t have ’em. If you happen to know someplace that sells the British version, holla at your girl.

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