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LIFESTYLE | Evora Sequin Cotton Masks

It has now gotten to the point where I am matching my face masks to my work outfits AND classifying them as “dressy” vs “casual”. Please tell me that I’m not the only one who is doing this now? It has been hard buying “off the rack” when it comes to face masks with most being too big for my face and not being adjustable. Last year I had turned to Asian online retailer Yesstyle for some face masks that hopefully fit a bit better and had interesting designs. I was not disappointed!

selfie wearing evora cotton face mask in black

Purchased by me


I was overwhelmed with options, but happened on the Evora Sequin Cotton Masks because of the number of rave reviews. People had photos showing how well they fit and based on the 91.4% approval rating, most said they were comfortable and looked pretty so for just under $5 each, I bought four of the six options and waited almost 3 months for them to arrive from China. TOTALLY worth it! 
Final verdict: Even though I hacked these masks a little bit to match my needs, they were perfectly fine as is. I have actually plans to order the other colours and finishes, but I will need to wait a bit until I have enough of a shopping cart to qualify for free shipping as it is still a hefty $185 CDN. If you love Korean beauty, I’m sure you will be able to find enough items to qualify, but be prepared to wait a few months. I adore these masks though and TOTALLY recommend them for comfort, fit and looking pretty! I might even miss these once the mask mandate disappears!
You can find the Evora Sequin Cotton Masks at
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