Just done an online course loved it.

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Estelle Scruggs

ABT Graduate

I took part in an nail workshop after I was invited by a friend. The workshop was good, I left knowing more than I went in, which was kind of the point, great tutor

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Kate Glynis

ABT Student

Great tutor, great course loved it

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Jennie Stuart

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3 Simple Steps - Pay in Installments:

Step 1 : Book your course
Step 2 : Complete all theory and home practice (purchase kit optional )
Step 3: Once all completed and you feel ready and confident, then book onto the 1 day in person practical assessment

Certificates upon completion will be posted out so please ensure all contact details / emails are correct at the time of purchase.

*We are now Available in all UK Regions Contact us for DetailI

Learn level 3 beauty therapy | beauty therapist courses

Bored of working 9 to 5?

We know you’re not getting the recognition you deserve, that’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to learn beauty therapist courses. There’s no time like the present so sign up now and save your future!

Features section:

Free beauty therapist training with every nail course

We are proud to offer beauty therapist courses that are benchmarked at QCF levels 3-5, which provides you with a higher success rate in passing your exam as your level depends on your grade. As an added bonus, our free course is comnpletely free and fully accredited via IPHM so you get the best of both worlds, free beauty therapist courses but an international standard of accreditation.

Learn at your own pace

You can now learn from home at your own pace and without any time limit with our beauty therapist course offer. We provide a variety of free online courses that cover a variety of topics and you can choose an additional two therapy courses free – this includes things like personal training and sports nutrition as well as how to use an electronic file. You can study from anywhere in the world and it’s all absolutely free, just purchase the complete nail course for £340 and you get to choose your FREE courses from our partners.

Accessible from any device

As more and more digital tools are becoming popular in today’s modern world, people are finding that they need to be agile and adaptable. That means they need to be able to access their course from any device. We make this possible by creating a responsive website and using a leading content management system for your ease of use.

level 3 beauty therapy _ beauty therapist courses

Become our beauty therapist courses graduate

All you need is passion for beauty, and we’ll provide the rest. Our 5-level beauty therapist courses are designed to bring you top-notch training, benchmarked at QCF levels 3-5. We have courses for both beginners and advanced students, so you can learn at your own pace, achieving levl 3 beauty therapy is easier than level 5, but you get the opportunity for both at the same price, FREE.

Features section:

Learn from the best

Beauty Tips has teamed up with Health Therapist Academy, a globally recognised holistic therapy course provider, to offer internationally recognised courses in the field of holistic & beauty therapies. With course materials designed by industry experts and available with full support from their online platform, the courses are up to date and accredited benchmarked at QCF levels 3-5. That level 3 beauty therapy training could be more affordable than you think, being free with every £340 nail course sold by Beauty Tips Nail Art Academy.

Choose your level

Tailor your beauty therapy course to your needs with our 3 different levels of courses. Level 3 is perfect for the absolute beginner with no experience or knowledge of nail care or makeup application. Level 4 is ideal for those with some experience. Level 5 is our most popular course outcome. All courses cover everything from hair treatments to waxing treatments – and also include optional bonus holistic therapy courses of your choice.

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  • Free student booklet and course materials
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