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How Would You Describe Your Current Makeup Style?

How Would You Describe Your Current Makeup Style?

I know we’ve discussed it before, but uh…mine has changed over the past few months.

SHOCKER, I know.

I’m definitely wearing fewer products than I was pre-pandemic; that’s for sure. I wear less base in general, and now I’ve gotten to the point where it feels like I’m wearing too much when I use concealer and foundation at the same time. Now I actually prefer only using foundation, and I’ll use it for everything, too — under my eyes for dark circles, and/or to do some “spot correcting” on the uneven areas on my cheeks.

(Side note: I like using a buildable medium-to-full-coverage foundation for this, and It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation is great for this.)

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Overall, I’m also wearing less eye makeup than I used to, which has been a double-edged sword, because on one hand, I have so much extra time to spend on important life things like rewatching Schitt’s Creek, but on the the other hand, my blending skills have reeeeeally deteriorated. I haven’t done a complicated smokey eye in FOREVER, and even now when I see myself in pics wearing just one or two colors, I see mistakes I probably wouldn’t have made a few months ago when I was regularly wearing more eye makeup and pushing my skills (LOL).

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