How much do fake nails cost?

How much do fake nails cost in the UK?

So how much do fake nails cost in the UK? Assuming you are searching for beauty tips, here at the home of the best nail technician course and beauty courses, we know that the answer is, it depends.

Do you want to keep the cost of your fake but beautiful tips to a minimum, or are you looking for nails that will last and last? Inner-city salon or suburban paradise? When choosing where to get your nails done, every option can impact what you pay.

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Anyway, that said here, is our quick guide to understanding how much fake nails cost?

    1. Are you doing your nails yourself? The cheapest option in the short term at around £2 per 24 nails, remember you will also need nail glue, powder, and colours to style, as well as a non-MMA monomer. Be prepared, though, to get your nails redone after 7-14 days.
    2. Are you going to get your nails done at home? With regular infills every three weeks, your nails should last 6-8 weeks and hence could save you money in the long run, as well as generally looking better. Be prepared to pay around £20-£40 through services like Bidvine and Bark may help lower the cost. Ideally, you want an experienced professional who has graduated from one of the top nail technician courses. For Beauty Tips nail course graduates, we recommend ABT-insured professional status giving you peace of mind and ensuring only the highest standard.
    3. Are you going to a salon for your fake nails? Inner-city salons have traditionally been more competitive and hence offer cheaper nails. Be wary of discounts and unbelievable offers as these practitioners can use over-harsh chemicals, and your health may suffer. A good price range for this option would be £25-£50.
    4. Rural, suburban, and specialist exclusive salons tend to charge a premium, often offering additional services. A typical example would be a luxury day spa where you can expect to pay 10-20% higher than traditional nail bar prices, so expect a reasonable range of £30-£70.

There is no reason with proper aftercare, and infills,  that your new nails shouldn't last eight weeks or longer. Your fake nails SHOULD NOT DAMAGE YOUR NAILS OR NAIL BED AT ALL. Properly applied fake nails DO NOT HARM your natural nails. Harm only occurs when unscrupulous professionals use harsh and banned chemicals like MMA. If a nail technician damages your natural nails, stay away!

So to roundup, how much do fake nails cost? Complex, hard-to-do designs that take a long time will cost more than the average cost included above, so for beauty tips, we recommend you call the salon in advance and get a quote. Remember, advanced nail art may well be an additional charge, so if you have any ideas on the designs you want, forewarned is forearmed. Remember, nail art is about expression; beauty tips should be about designs that create an impression and spark THE CONVERSATION. Your nails are your personality and the perfect ice-breaker.

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