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3 Simple Steps - Pay in Installments:

Step 1 : Book your course
Step 2 : Complete all theory and home practice (purchase kit optional )
Step 3: Once all completed and you feel ready and confident, then book onto the 1 day in person practical assessment

Certificates upon completion will be posted out so please ensure all contact details / emails are correct at the time of purchase.

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Becoming a nail technician – is it as easy as people say?

Becoming a nail technician – is it as easy as people say?

If you love nail art, consider becoming a nail technician and pursuing a career as a nail art professional.  This can be an extremely fun and rewarding career path for a variety of reasons, but we’re only going to cover some of our favorite benefits.

Here are some reasons to consider becoming a nail technician.

1. You Can Show Your Creativity

Becoming a nail technician – is it as easy as people say?, Beauty Tips

If you’ve always been interested in finding a job where you can unleash your creativity, consider becoming a nail technician.  As a nail art designer, you can show your creative side every day.

Whether you’re trying out a new nail trend with one of your clients or proving your skills with an elaborate manicure for a special occasion, no two work days are the same.  Think of your customers’ nails as a blank canvas and have fun with them!

2. You can enjoy a flexible schedule

Nail salons are fairly flexible about working hours, so when you become a nail technician you can find a position that suits your busy life.  Whether you’re looking for something part-time, full-time, or just on the weekend, chances are you’ll find a great salon that suits you.  And of course, if you ever decide to open your own nail salon or work as a freelance nail artist, you have maximum flexibility as you can choose when to work as a nail technician.

3. You Can Build Relationships With People

If you are someone who loves to connect with others and help them feel better then becoming a Nail Technician is a great opportunity for you.  Every day you can work with different clients and give them their new favorite nail style.

You can also build a connection with them via social media by sharing some of your favorite nail art ideas to prepare yourself with ideas for your next nail booking, and who knows some of your best customers may even become your closest friends!

4. Nail Technician Programs Can Be Affordable for you

Some nail technician programs can be completed in as little as a few weeks, saving you the time, hassle, and cost of a traditional college degree while also leading to a rewarding career.

Because nail technician programs are quicker, they are often more affordable for your budget than other beauty school programs and there are still resources to pay for college later if you decide!  Many nail courses, nail technician courses and beauty courses allow you to pay in installments, like those at Beauty Tips.  That way, you can focus more on building the future you want instead of focusing on how you’re paying for your education.

5. Nail technicians are in demand

Did you know that manicure and pedicure jobs are on the rise?  This type of work is expected to increase by around 19% in 2019-2029.  By comparison, the average of all jobs in the United Kingdom is expected to grow by 4%.  It’s a lot faster than regular careers are expected to grow and very exciting for anyone looking to get into this area in the beauty industry.

Becoming a nail technician – is it as easy as people say?, Beauty Tips


Did you know becoming a nail technician with nail technician courses near me or nail technician courses online is something anyone with an interest can do, there are no prerequisites and you are essentially guaranteed work either for yourself or via a salon. Beauty Tips offer accredited nail technician courses, nail courses & beauty courses in order for you to achieve your dreams.

Becoming a nail technician – is it as easy as people say?, Beauty Tips

“The future lies within the eyes of those that choose to believe not in what they are, but in what they could yet be.” – Beauty Tips

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